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Improving Waste Solutions for Montgomery County

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) has recommended both Waller and Montgomery counties begin exploring opportunities to either expand landfill capacity or add waste transfer stations to meet the demands of this growth.

The future is now.

Montgomery County is the sixth-fastest growing county in Texas, with a projected household population growth of 133.5% by 2045. Add to this the upcoming completion of Highway 249 – the "Aggie Expressway"– and the county needs to increase waste handling options.

The Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) has recommended both Waller and Montgomery counties begin exploring opportunities to either expand landfill capacity or add waste transfer stations to meet the demands of this growth.

There is currently nothing planned in southwest Montgomery County to address this demand.


Circle Lake Transfer is proposing a solution that will:

  • Improve waste handling options in the region without requiring new landfills
  • Provide a remote location that minimizes traffic impact
  • Create excellent job opportunities for Montgomery County residents
  • Increase tax revenue for the county
  • Reduce the drive-time and number of truck hours on Montgomery County roads, thereby improving the carbon footprint of local waste disposal

Circle Lake Transfer is not a Type 1 landfill. It is a waste transfer station that provides long-term flexibility in handling Montgomery County’s growing waste disposal needs.

The executive team behind Circle Lake Transfer has decades of national-level waste management experience and the project has been designed with the expertise of a nationally recognized waste transfer engineering firm.

What is a transfer station?

Waste doesn’t always go straight to a landfill, especially in densely populated areas. Transfer stations optimize waste disposal by:

  • Consolidates truckloads of waste to reduce transportation costs and emissions
  • Increases options for final disposal — waste can be routed to any number of final disposal locations
  • Reduces truck maintenance expenses — less wear and tear on trucks when delivering on concrete vs. muddy landfills

Why build a transfer station?

According to H-GAC in their 2017 planning forecast, Subregion 1 – which is Waller and Montgomery counties – will surpass its permitted capacity for waste disposal in 2026.

That is fewer than five years to get ahead of the projected increase in residential and commercial waste. Circle Lake Transfer will provide several benefits to Subregion 1, specifically Montgomery County:

  • It eases the waste load without requiring a new landfill
  • It meets TCEQ State Regulations and H-GAC recommendations for long-term planning and disposal
  • It will provide 30-50 permanent, well-paying jobs with benefits to residents
  • It is expected to generate millions of dollars in tax revenue
  • Near-term jobs include the transfer station construction project (which will be awarded to a local construction firm)
  • A transfer station is more efficient – financially and ecologically – than hauling waste long distances by trucks made for collection

Where and when?

Right now, there are no Type 1 landfills closer than 35 miles from Circle Lake Transfer. Montgomery garbage trucks drive up to 50 miles from some areas of the county to the nearest landfill. That is 2,187 truck-road hours over the course of a week, and that number will grow as more housing communities and commercial buildings are built in the county.

With population growth estimates and the completion of Segment 2 of the Aggie Expressway in 2023, Circle Lake Transfer serves a very real need to provide a more efficient disposal solution on the west side of Montgomery County.

The proposed location is easily accessed via 249 and 149, making it convenient for residential and commercial haulers. The land is not near any heavily trafficked residential areas, and it is located on a dead-end street. It has always been industrialized, and there are no existing wetlands and no impact to wildlife. The location is unsuitable for non-industrial development because it is bounded on three sides by high-pressure gas lines and rail lines. These factors make it an ideal location for a waste transfer station.


Atascocita Landfill 3623 Wilson Rd
Humble, TX 77396
BFI McCarty 5757 A Oates Road & Hwy 90
Houston, TX 77078
BFI Whispering Pines 8101 Little York Rd
HoustonTX 77016
BFI Blue Ridge 2200 FM 521 Rd
Fresno, TX 77545
Coastal Plains Landfill 21000 Hwy 6
Alvin, TX 77511
Waste Management 2020 Atascocita Rd
Humble TX, 77396
Security Recycling 19248 TX-105
Cleveland, TX 77327
Fort Bend Regional 14115 Davis Estate Rd
Needville, TX 77461
Brazos Valley Solid Waste
Management Agency, Inc.
2690 SH 30
Anderson, TX 77830
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